How to make popcorn, Perfect Everytime #popcorn

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How to make popcorn, Perfect everytime #popcorn #howtomakepopcorn

INGREDIENTS 1/4 Cup Yellow popcorn kernels

1 Tablespoon vegetable oil ( I use Sunflower oil)

Kosher salt (optional)


Place the base of the corn popper on a dry, level surface , away from any edge.

Place the corn and vegetable oil into the popping base.

Spread corn evenly over poppin surface.

Do not substitute butter, margarine, shortening, or lard for vegetable oil as these will burn or smoke excessively.

Place the cover on the popping base, making sure the handles of the cover fit securely into the handles of the popping base.

Remove the cap. Plug cord.

Press the ON/OFF switch to “ON”.

The stir rod will rotate as long as the corn popper is on.

Do not shake popper during popping cycle. in 4-5 minutes the poppin cycle will be completed.

Turn the ON/OFF switch to “OFF”.

Popcorn is now ready for serving.

Sprinkle popcorn with salt if desired.

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